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Varada's Cloud Architecture Supports EHRM-IO's Critical Decision-Making

The Varada team designed and developed a comprehensive cloud architecture for the VA Electronic Health Record Modernization-Integration Office (EHRM-IO) team, which significantly improved the ability to create dashboards for leadership critical decision support and achieve an Authority to Operate (ATO) on its first cloud infrastructure.

About the Client

The VA Electronic Health Record Modernization-Integration Office (EHRM-IO) is a team working towards the modernization and integration of the VA's electronic health records system. The VA EHRM-IO team was facing a challenge in creating the dashboards needed for leadership critical decision support. The team required a solution that would improve their ability to generate insights from a broad set of data sources. The solution also needed to be compliant with the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) standards.

Solution and Outcomes

Varada Consulting helped the EHRM-IO team by creating a cloud infrastructure for the EHRM-IO Data Repository System. The team designed and developed the EHRM-IO Data Repository data migration applications and maintained database access and controls. Additionally, the team created a centralized data repository that staged data for multi-utilization across data sources, allowing shared metrics between dashboards. The end result was a decision support analytical system that provided a single source of truth for EHRM-IO program performance and offered actionable insights and foresight for leadership and a shared understanding across the program.

Tools and Compliance

Varada Consulting used a Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach and deployed Agile methodologies to deliver the solution. The team used tools such as Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory, Application Gateway configuration/Load Balancing, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud integration of AWS, Azure, and Office 365 (GCC) environments. The team also used data management tools such as Azure SQL Server, Data Lake, and FileShare storage containers. The operating environment included Windows 2019 DataCenter and RedHat Linux 8.5, while communication tools included Microsoft Teams and Skype. The project was in compliance with the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) standards.

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